looking through the app store at icons for different apps for inspiration I came across the following.

The Icon for the Energy Development app is rather eye catching but I’m in two minds as to how effective it is at illustrating what the app does giving off the feeling of a safety app rather than an energy conservation app.

The Wellnote app has a very nice icon I really like the simplicity of the single icon especially when combined with the notepad back drop. I think that I will try to implement some of the simplicity of this icon into my own designs. I also like how this icon is relevant to the app content unlike the Energy Development app.

NanoStudio has a very stylized icon I really like how the circular image looks on the icon I think I will investigate the use of circular images with my icon. The minimal approach makes the app feel more streamlined.

The whole pocket story collection has really nice icons I love the idea of mimicking a book and the ability to have a multitude of icons that are all very different but still look unified.

This was one of the app icons that I had a problem with the addition of the gloss the type becomes totally illegible if my icon uses type I think I will request that it does not have the gloss.